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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tremendous Tuesday!

We began the day having art with Mr. Monaghan and physical education with Ms. Lovan.

When students returned, we began subtraction with two digit numbers using a place value mat.
We first did a question as a class: “Lizzie has 55 comic books. She gives 14 of them to her cousin, and keeps the rest. How many comic books does she have now?”
We began with 55 comic books; we put 5 ten sticks in the 10s column and 5 ones in the 1s column. Next, we need to take 14 away.  
When we subtract, writing down the number helps us to see how many 10’s and 1’s we are removing. We removed one 10 and placed it beside the one ten at the bottom and took away four 1’s and placed them beside the four at the bottom. We can still see the original 55 and the answer 41 is also clear. Students then worked on a similar problem in their math books using cubes and a place value mat in order to practice taking from then tens column and giving to the ones column in order to subtract. Then students worked on page 166.

During UOI, students finished working on their country brochures that they will be presenting tomorrow.

After first recess and lunch, students had French. When students returned they wrote their homework in their agendas and then practiced their UOI presentations in partners:

At the end of the day, students worked on the good copies of their explanations for their monsters and then made them out of construction paper. After, students built stamina for work on writing. Students kept writing for 10 whole minutes without any distractions. Great job friends!!


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.    Complete two math sheets
3.    Reading Comprehension due Tuesday

4.    Spelling Test tomorrow

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