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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tuesday June 13, 2017

Truly Tremendous Tuesday!!!

We began the day with our promotion ceremony!!! We have all graduated to Grade 3!!!  Ms. Jaskolka is so proud of all of you!!!! I will post pictures from the graduation tomorrow.

We then took on our role as a nature detective to continue developing our appreciation for biodiversity. We were told spring is the time for many birds to build a nest, ready for egg laying and bringing up their hatched chicks. Our challenge:
-        Can you build a nest that could hold a clutch of eggs and withstand the wind?
We looked for materials on the woodland floor (dried grasses, twigs and sticks) and built our nest in groups.  
Our EXTRA Challenge: try just building with one hand; the bird only has its beak after all!

When were finished, Ms. Jaskolka came around with an ‘egg’ to see if our nest kept the ‘egg’ safe and cozy. All of us passed the test!!! Great job nature detectives!!!

Following first recess and lunch we continued working our spelling books so that we are ready to begin working on grade 3 spelling words in the next term.

We then had Music with Mr. Oliver.

Next we continued working in our spelling books.

After second recess and lunch we worked on an activity related to the learner profile of the month ‘Reflective’. We reflected on our time in Grade 2 and also on our upcoming year in grade 3. Students enjoyed sharing their reflections with the class and about their time in Grade 2. It made Ms. Jaskolka really happy to hear about all the fun the students had over the year! Hearing all these memories definitely made Ms. Jaskolka sentimental!  Here are some of the reflections:

I will post the rest of the reflections tomorrow. Have a great night!


1. Read for 20 minutes
2. Grades 3-6 graduation tomorrow at 9am
3. Casual Day tomorrow
4. Nature Walk tomorrow 
5. Last day of school is Friday
6. House colours day Friday

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