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Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fantastic Friday!

We began the day having a house game:

After, three friends were chosen from each house for the best costume. Two friends were from our class!

Here they are with "Mr. Sawatsky"

We then had French with Mdm. Stella.

After, we practiced our toy commercials and then presented them to the class:
(one video would not load, I will keep trying)
After first recess and lunch, we had physical education with Ms. Lovan.

Then we continued working on our journals from yesterday, explaining in detail about an advertisement that we have read, viewed, or heard.

Afterwards, we worked on fun Halloween language activities. We corrected spider web sentences, paying attention to periods, capitals, and spelling. Then we worked on a verb activity. We picked out spooky verbs and made silly sentences with them.

After second recess and lunch, we had a serious talk with Ms. Jaskolka. We have been having some issues with students being rough with one another and this kind of behaviour is not allowed at school. We reviewed why we have rules (to keep us safe) and what will happen when we do not follow the rules. We spoke about the importance of being honest and truthful so that everyone around us can trust in our words. We are striving to be principled and caring students. Ms. Jaskolka wanted to do more fun things with us but time was taken away because we needed to have this serious talk together. We also spoke about appropriate and safe games that we can play at recess so that no one gets hurts.

We then made witches using our hands. We first used our hand to create the face and the body and then we continued the rest with markers, popsicles sticks, and googly eyes. They turned out so cute! Here they are:

At the end of the day, we listened to some Halloween music, students handed out treats, and Ms. Jaskolka shared Halloween jokes with us.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Sign Spelling test
3.     Cursive pg. 30-31