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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday!

Tomorrow we will be having Bake Sale again! Many yummy treats will be available tomorrow!

We began the day having French with Mlle. Jessica.

We then moved onto math. We first did a fun activity that will help us build on our mental addition. We will try and do his activity every morning so that we can build on our mental addition skills. We then reviewed the two strategies that we learned yesterday. When using the inverse strategy, once we know the answer to an addition problem we will know the answer to the subtraction problem (9+7=16 is the same as 16-7=9). When adding three numbers we learned that we could use the ‘make ten’ strategy to add quicker and to practice our mental addition (when adding on from ten we know all we need to do is replace the zero with the number we are adding example: 10+7 we get rid of the 0 and the answer is 17). We then practiced the ‘make ten’ strategy in partners using number cards. Each of us had a turn to pick three cards and then explained to our partner whether or not we could use the ‘make ten’ strategy. After, we showed our understanding in our math books.

After first recess and lunch, we had Art Reach!!! We had so much fun making beautiful tea light holders:

After we had second lunch, we learned about Kwanzaa while reading Kwanzaa Kids. We learned that Kwanzaa is a celebration of African heritage and culture. This holiday is celebrated from December 26-Janaury 1. We also explored the seven principles of Kwanzaa and learned how to say these words in African: Unity, Self-determination, Creative work and Responsibility, Cooperative economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith.

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Last page of the report card