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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Wednesday March 28, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday!!!

We began the day writing a journal entry about our March break ensuring to use proper writing conventions.

Next we had French and then Gym.

After first recess and lunch we had Music.

Next we continued learning about number patterns during math class. Ms. Jaskolka faced us with a question: Ms. Jaskolka walks 3 blocks every day. How many blocks will she walk in 4 days? After 8 days?

We determined that the pattern rule was adding 3 to each day. We made a t-chart to determine that Ms. Jaskolka would walk 12 blocks in 4 days and 24 blocks in 8 days.

We then looked at another question as a class. Mr. Nahi was putting out chairs. He put out 5 chairs each day. How many chairs would he put out in 3 days? In 6 days?

We were quick to figure out the pattern rule: add 5 chairs each day

Next we had a trickier question but we were up for the task! Ms. Jaskolka collected pennies. She collected 3 pennies per day. On Day 2 she collected 6. On day 4 she collected 24. How many did she collect in 3 days? In 5 days? We figured out that the pattern rule involved multiplication! Pattern rule: Multiply the number of pennies by 2.

We then worked on some number pattern questions independently.

After second recess and lunch we talked more about structure. We looked at pictures of frames and we were challenged to figure out the structure associated with the frame. We learned how the structural frame of a structure is really important to help a structure stand and stay strong.

Next we sang Happy Birthday to Nathan and Justin who both celebrated birthdays over the March break!

At the end of the day, we continued to share about our amazing March breaks!!!


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Permission form Due Tuesday
3.     Wear Blue tomorrow
4.     Math sheet

5.     Spelling test tomorrow

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