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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Tuesday November 13, 2018

Tremendous Tuesday!!

We began the day with Math. We continued our learning from yesterday. We looked at application questions related to ratios.

Then we worked on our story for Polar Expressions. 

Next we worked on our cars for Science Fair.

After first recess and lunch we did a quiz on the different parts of a plane and worked in groups on an activity focusing on the movements of a plane.

Then we began a project on the societal and environmental impacts of flying devices that make use of properties of air through the lens of causation. We talked about how flight and flying devices can impact people and the environment and the other way around. We chose a topic related to flight and worked on the research portion today. We researched how our topic relates to flight. 

After second recess and lunch we continued our research project and then working on our card.


1.    Read Daily
2.    Math sheets on the Application of Ratios
3.    Finish jot notes on topic related to flight (should have been done during class)
4.    Finish Design Reflection Questions 2 and 3 for Science Fair  
5.    Sign Book Report Rubric
6.    Sign Literature Circle Rubric

7.    Finish Lesson 3 on the movements of a plane 

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