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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tremendous Thursday!

We will be having our spelling test tomorrow. The words can be found on the right hand side.

We will also be having our next math test next Thursday.  

Attention all parents and students: We are having our Spring Fundraiser to raise funds to support our Science and Physical Education Program! There will be a variety of exciting EVENTS with a number of amazing PRIZES for students to win through their participation!

Some of the big events to make note of for NEXT week are:

April 18th: Casual Day

April 19th: Pancake Breakfast

April 21st: Sundae Fun Day!

April 22: SJA Dance Party with Delicious Treats!!!

Please read over the package that went home today and return the forms and money by tomorrow. What an exciting upcoming week!!


A Pledge form went home in efforts to renovate the school’s science lab and PE program. We kindly ask that all donations be turned in by Thursday, April 28th, 2016. All students who collect a minimum donation amount of $35.00 will be treated to a bowling party on April 29th!

Prizes can also be won for students who raise money! Grand prizes include a movie and pizza party; this is for the class that raises the most money!

We began the day writing our homework in our agendas and then finishing up our pen pal letters. They will be sent tomorrow to Illinois!!

We then had physical education with Mr. Slyk.

We then continued learning about measurement in Math. We discussed some of the problems using non-standard units such as erasers, pencils, and paper clips to measure. We decided that we could not get an exact measurement using these objects. As a result, using standard measurement is important so that we can measure more precisely; as a class we explored how a 30 cm ruler is good for measuring smaller objects and a meter stick is better when measuring bigger objects. Students also came up with their own ideas such as using a measuring tape. Students then used a ruler to measure the length and width of bugs in their math books. Students were reminded to always begin at 0 and they were also taught how we can count in between numbers (example: 2.3 or 2.7). After, we looked for objects that we thought were 10cm long. Then we measured each object to see if we were correct.

After first recess and lunch, we had Music.

Students then had French with Mdm. Stella.

After second recess and lunch, we continued reading Flat Stanley. Students are especially excited during this novel study! We first discussed what happened in Chapter 3 and then moved onto reading chapter 4. During this chapter, Oda Nobu was using Stanley as more of a party trick than his personal Ninja. This made Stanley very upset and Oda Nobu apologized for doing so and offered to take him on a trip to show his forgiveness.


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Spelling test tomorrow
3.     Spring Fundraiser packages (please return tomorrow if your child will be participating in next weeks events)
4.     Last page of report card
5.     Lunch form are due April 22
6.     Math test signed

7.     Math test next Thursday

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