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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Tuesday November 5, 2017 Year ahead day!

Ms. Jaskolka Grade 2’s were in Ms. Ross’ Grade 3 class today in room 11!!
Here is a link to Ms. Ross’ blog! Check out our fun day!!

Tremendous and Terrific day in Grade 2!!!

We began the day introducing ourselves! Then we dove into reading comprehension activity. We read a book called The Little White Owl as a group. As we read the story, we made predictions about what we thought would happen next based on the information we read and the pictures we have seen. After, we did a retell of the story as a class. Then, we explored the author message. We decided that the author was trying to tell us that everyone is different, unique and special!!!! We used the author message to work on a writing activity making text to self connections. We wrote and drew what makes us unique! Check out what makes us special:

 Next we and French with Mdm. Stella!

Then gym with Ms. Jans. 

After lunch and recess we had Music with Mr. Oliver.

Next we explored the concept of multiplication as repeated addition and skip counting!!! We practiced using a multiplication chart to help us answer multiplication problems. We then used a multiplication chart to play bingo using skittles!!

After second recess and lunch, we learned that the Grade 2’s are inquiring about different cultures around the world and the various holidays and traditions celebrated. We brainstormed as a class the different holidays that we knew about. Then we discussed what Christmas is all about: family, love and kindness were some ideas (As all as Santa and presents)! We then did an activity were we stated one way we can light up the world with kindness.

What a great day in Grade 2!

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