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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Thursday February 1, 2018

Tremendous Thursday!!

We began the day with our Risk Taker awards!! In our class, Ali was awarded the Risk Taker Award. Way to Go, Ali!!!

We then played a fun house game!!

Next we had a conversation about our role as a grade 2 student. We spoke about the importance of being responsible and ensuring that we complete all homework and take all school activities seriously. It is our job to ensure that we have taken home all our homework and it is our job to ensure that it gets done at home and it is our job that all homework gets returned to school on time. Ms. Jaskolka is very proud because many of her Grade 2 students are taking their job as a Grade 2 student very seriously and she is looking forward to our continued determination to be more responsible and independent at home and at school. We also spoke about how we can help mommy and daddy at home since we are in Grade 2 and can handle more responsibilities like: helping a younger sibling with their homework, cleaning our room on our own, making sure that we get our homework done, making our own bed, etc. Way to go Grade 2’s!!!

We were then off to French and then Gym.

After first recess and lunch we reviewed our understanding of capacity and then we moved on to learning about mass. We learned that we measure mass using grams and kilograms; grams are a smaller measurement and we use kg to measure things that have more mass. We looked at some benchmarks to better understand. For example: a paper clip is about 1 gram; a math textbook or a standard dictionary is about 1 kg which is also 1000 grams. We then completed some activities to better understand measuring using grams and kilograms. Once finished, we began working on our math reviews. Math reviews were also sent home. They do not need to get completed tonight. We will be working on them more tomorrow.

Next we began our summative presentations. Check out these amazing new holidays!! Ms. Jaskolka wants to celebrate them all!!!! `:

Raiyan: https://youtu.be/ZLya6hSSAOA

After second recess and lunch we continued with our summative presentations.

At the end of the day we practiced our speeches. Some suggestions from Ms. Jaskolka:

-Be loud
-use expression as much as possible
-use actions as much as possible
-recite your speech at a good pace (not to slow and not too fast)
-enunciate each word (instead of mumbling)
-ensure your speech is at least 3 minutes long

We will continue with our summative projects and speeches tomorrow.

Have a great night!


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Math test Monday
3.     Spelling test tomorrow
4.     Permission form due Monday
5.     Practice Speech

6.     Math sheet and review

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