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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Tuesday October 3, 2017

Tremendous Tuesday!!

What a fun and educational day we had at the Food Bank today!!!! We practiced the attitudes of empathy and appreciation while learning about people who may not have enough money so they need to go to the Food Bank to get the food that they need.  Food is a need for us to survive and that is why Food Banks play such an important role in every community. Ms. Jaskolka is proud of all of us for continuing to be good citizens and finding so many wonderful ways to help people in our community.

Action Star:
Julia has taken action through out our unit many times!!!!
Julia has been having family votes about important issues.  They have been voting on what fun activities we want to do as a family, or she may ask us questions about what people should be allowed to do, and then vote, "Yes or No."  She has also been playing "School Teacher" at home, and asking, "What things do we need and don't need? What is important or not important?"  She teaches her family about the communities and how we can help.  Starting very soon, once a month, before school starts, Julia will be volunteering at a Community Center preparing breakfast for children who otherwise would not get breakfast before school. WOW!!! Amazing action Julia!!!

Today we had the opportunity to take a journey around the Good Shepherd Food Bank and experience the inner workings!! Check it out:

We also found out that the people at the Food Bank grow a garden outside!!!! So people who come to the Food Bank are able to get fresh fruits and vegetables!!!

At the end of our trip, Mark, our tour guide gave us each a book as a thank you for our donation and visiting the Food Bank.


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Trip form due Thursday
3.     Spelling test Thursday

4.     No School Friday and Monday

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