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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Wednesday November 15, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday!

We began the day going over our day yesterday and then we moved onto our novel study. We did a retell of chapter 2 and then moved on chapter three. All the students were writing in journals about anything they wanted!!! Harry wrote about an adventure in the Antarctica feeding penguins. He has a big imagination!! Song Lee wrote about Harry’s runny nose!!! Doug had writers block but then he ended up writing about the plants that were dying in their terrarium. Ms. Mackle admitted it is because she was pouring her coffee in there! She promised not to do it again!!!!

After we began working on a character description activity. We described Song Lee on the outside and on the inside and then we drew a picture of her. This book ties in great with our current unit of inquiry, exploring how someone feels when they are new to our country.

We then had French and then Gym.

After first recess and lunch we had music.

During math, we practiced representing information from a survey using pictographs. When using a pictograph we need to ensure to have our title, labels and a key. Here are some examples:  

After second recess and lunch we began our science fair experiment!!! We discussed the materials we will use and the procedure we will follow in order to perform our experiment.  We then followed our procedure as a class:  

We will perform our experiment two more times tomorrow to ensure our results are correct!!

She made two birds out of lego and talked about how they migrate just like people!!!!! She discussed that they also experience push factors related to the environment!! WOW excellent connections to our current unit of inquiry Nyla!

Raiyan and Justin also read to us the two people that they found that displayed the attitude of confidence!


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Spelling pg. 40-44
3.     Cursive pg. 42-43
4.     Math sheet related to pictographs
5.     Math test next Thursday

6.     Trip form due Monday

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