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Monday, 29 January 2018

Monday January 29, 2018

Marvelous Monday!

We began the day working with out lesson 17 spelling words.

Next we had French and then Gym.

After first recess and lunch we had Music.

When we returned, we practiced counting money amounts together and making change and then we worked individually practicing these skills. Ms. Jaskolka is so proud of how hard we have been working on understanding and applying these important skills!!! We are becoming money experts!!!
Image result for money expert cartoon

After second recess and lunch we began our UOI summative project. We have created out own holiday and now we are putting together a scrapbook for our newly invented holiday. Students really had fun using their amazing creativity and wide imaginations while working on this project. We will continue working on our scrapbooks tomorrow and Wednesday and we will begin presenting them on Thursday.

Have fun playing in the snow!!!
Image result for fun in the snow cartoonImage result for fun in the snow cartoon

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Spelling
3.     Cursive
4.     Math test Monday
5.     Permission sheet due Monday
6.     Bake Sale tomorrow
7.     Casual Day Wednesday

8.     Math sheet

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