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Friday, 22 January 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

We began the day performing a French song related to International Day. Here we are:

We then had French with Mdm. Stella.

After, students wrote their spelling test and then we moved onto math. We first discussed what would happen when a two colour counter was tossed 15 times. We came to the conclusion that both colours (red and yellow) were equally likely to win. We were then given our own counter and tossed it 15 times. Students showed their information using a tally and a bar graph.

Bosco also tested his bridge today, and he passed the test!!

After first recess and lunch, students had physical education with Mr. Slyk.

We then did an activity with Ms. Jaskolka to understand what it feels like to have our feelings hurt by others. We each crumpled up a piece of paper as much as we could. Then we tried to unfold it and make it look exactly like it did before. We realized that we couldn’t. Then we tried to say sorry to it, but that did not make all the folds and creases go away. Ms. Jaskolka explained to us that this paper represents anyone who has gotten hurt by others and who continues to get hurt by others. When we say sorry after we do or say something hurtful, the hurt feelings do not just go away, this friend lives with and needs to try and cope with their sad feelings; the scars are there for a long time and are hard to erase, just like the folds and creases on a paper. We then had a discussion about the positive ways that we can react when we are upset and the importance of being kind to those around us.

After we did some preparation for International Day.

Following second recess and lunch, we went into the auditorium to celebrate International Day! Here we are:

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