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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tremendous Thursday!

Action Star!!!

Manny created and brought in to class various simple machines. He made his own pulley that could pull a toy car up and down! He brought in an example of a wedge, lever, and an inclined plane! These were fantastic examples, which allowed the students to gain a deeper understanding of the simple machines!!

Risk Taker of the month:
For our upcoming UOI unit we need:
-empty Kleenex boxes
Please bring in any empty Kleenex boxes through out the week

Pancake Breakfast forms went home this week. Please have them returned by tomorrow so your child can have a yummy Pancake Breakfast on February 5th

We began the day having Math. Today, we independently conducted our own survey!  We first decided upon a question and then we made our choices. We then went around our class and asked our friends, ensuring to keep a tally. We then used the information from our tally to make a bar graph. We then wrote what we learned from our graph and about conducting surveys.

During UOI, we reviewed what a simple machine is (simple machines make work easier for us) and went over the 6 simple machines (pulley, lever, wedge, wheel and axle, inclined plane, and screw. We then discussed force (push or pull on an object) and energy (the ability to do work). We then began making a Simple Machines Flip Flap Book. We defined what a simple machines is, wrote out the 6 simple machines, and then defined force and energy in our flip flap book.

We then had a music class.

After first recess and lunch, students had physical education with Mr. Slyk.

When students returned, they wrote their homework in their agendas. Students then continued working on a paragraph that they created last week on a specific topic of their choice.

After second recess and lunch, students packed up and then we went into the auditorium. While there, classes and individual students received awards from the Science Fair. The Risk Taker for the month received their certificate. After, we played an exciting house game!

1.    Read for 20 minutes
2.   Spelling test tomorrow
3.   Math test next Thursday
4.   Scientist in the School due Feb. 2
5.   Pancake forms due tomorrow

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