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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Terrific Tuesday!

When students come in tomorrow, they will keep on their outdoor gear and bring their lunches into the gym.  

Please ensure to be at the school by 8:45 tomorrow. We will be leaving soon after for the Science Centre. Also all students are asked to be in their full uniform.
Also, students are being asked to bring in a disposable lunch so nothing gets lost.  

For our upcoming UOI unit we need:
-empty Kleenex boxes
Please bring in any empty Kleenex boxes through out the week

Pancake Breakfast forms went home today. Please have them returned by Friday so your child can have a yummy Pancake Breakfast on February 5th.

We have a Bake Sale on Thursday. There will be lots of yummy treats!!

We began the day watching a Bill Nye the Science Guy video about Simple Machines.

We were then off to Art with Ms. Kerr.

After first recess and lunch, students had physical education with Mr. Slyk.

During math we learned about conducting surveys. We first reviewed the main part of a bar graph (title, labels, numbers). We then talked about the steps that we would take when conducting a survey:
1. Choose a question
2. Decide how to collect your data
3. Ask each person your question
4. Tally the results
5. Make a bar graph to show your information

Then we use the bar graph to explain what kind of information it is giving us.
Each student then came up with their question and then asked ten students in our classroom, making sure to tally their results. Then, they made a bar graph (including all the important parts: title, numbers, and labels) and answered questions about their tally and bar graph.

We then practiced our poems in groups.

After second recess and lunch, we continued on with our novel study. We read Chapter 2 as a class and then completed a chapter 2 quiz.

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.    Pancake forms due Friday
3.    Registration package due Feb. 11
4.     Scientist in the school forms due Feb. 2

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