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Friday, 16 September 2016

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fantastic Friday!

We began the day have French with Mlle. Jessica.

We then moved onto math. We worked in partners to strengthen our understanding of our current unit. We first needed to come up with three patterns with two changing attributes. Next, we needed to find the pattern core and figure out the two attributes of our partners’ patterns. Finally, we had a challenge that we completed with our partners; each group was given a different challenge. We were given an amount of shapes and we needed to figure out the pattern.

Following first recess and lunch we explored the life cycle of a bee and a butterfly and the similarities and differences between the two. First we read a book to better understand the bee life cycle. Next we worked on an activity to better understand the stages of the bee life cycle. We then completed an activity related to the butterfly life cycle.

Next we read an interesting story, The caterpillar and the Polliwog, that helped us better understand the butterfly life cycle and metamorphosis. We learned that metamorphosis is a process where a complete change occurs. In the story, the caterpillar went into a chrysalis and came out completely changed into a butterfly! We then compared the life cycle of a bee and butterfly using a Venn diagram.

We also began tracking the life cycle of our magic beans:
 We have also continued tracking the life cycle of our butterflies.

Look at what we have observed!!! They caterpillars are at the fifth stage of the life cycle!

We then wrote our spelling test.

Following second recess and lunch, we learned about adjectives (a describing word). Next we came up with some examples as a class. Then we made portraits of ourselves and used adjectives to describe who we are. We will continue working on these Monday.

What an exciting and magical week! Have a great weekend!!

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     3 pictures for My life Cycle
3.     Spelling test signed
4.     Trip form due Tuesday
5.     Scholastic due Wednesday
6.     Lunch forms due Sep. 30
7.     Cursive pg. 10-11

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