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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday!

We began the day having French with Mlle. Jessica.

We then moved onto math. We reviewed the attributes that we will be focusing on in our unit (colour, size, shape, and direction). We reviewed that a pattern needs to repeat at least three times and that the pattern core is the part that repeats. Ms. Jaskolka then gave us some examples of patterns with two changing attributes. We  needed to figure out the two attributes that were changing in the following patterns:
We then needed to come up with our own patterns with two changing attributes. After we made another pattern using the same attributes. We then needed to discuss how our patterns were the same and different.

We were then off to physical education with Mr. H.

You will never believe what we found during first recess! Magic Beans!! We were all playing outside and then one student noticed the bag of magic beans under a tree. 

We read the letter that was inside to get more information about these magic beans:

We learned these magic beans were for the grade 2’s, but where did the come from? Who brought them to us and why? How are we to take care of them? We had so many questions!  We also noticed that the instructions to care of the beans had been torn off!! So now it is up to us to decide how to care for them! We noticed that the beans were different colours and then we decided to smell them and each of us smelled different things! We smelled: chocolate, pizza, lollipops, the beach, and the list goes on and on!

We decided to meet in Ms. Biamas’ room to discuss the actions we would take. 
We each had a chance to smell the beans again and try to figure out what would grow if these beans were planted:

We also had a chance to see and read the letter:

We then discussed what these magic beans could be and what would happen if we planted them. Ms. Biamas could smell chocolate and money so she drew on the board what she thought the beans would become:

Ms. Jaskolka could smell chocolate, and then the beach, and after pizza! Here is what she thinks the beans will grow into:
We then decided that we would all try to plant the beans and see what will grow. Ms. Jaskolka and Ms. Biamas let us know that they will bring water, soil, and cups for us to plant our beans. We were told if we wanted to bring in anything extra to care for our beans, we are responsible to bring these materials from home.

After we began a tracking sheet so we could chronicle the growth of our bean. Next, we started drawing what we think our bean will become once we have properly taken care of it. Students had some very creative and imaginative ideas!! We will finish working on these posters tomorrow.

After second recess and lunch, we stayed outside and did a noun scavenger hunt. We worked in groups to find various nouns (person, place, or thing) and wrote them down.

At the end of the day, we began our first novel study. We will be reading Charlotte’s Web as a class. In chapter one, we were introduced to Fern and her family who live on a farm. Fern is eight years old and loves animals. In this chapter, she saved Wilbur the pig and was given the responsibility of caring for him.

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     3 pictures for “My life cycle”
3.     Sign student handbook pg. 30
4.     Trip form due Tuesday
5.     Contact sheet
6.     Spelling test on Friday

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