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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday!

***Tomorrow we will be having our Terry Fox run. Students are being asked to come dressed in their gym clothes

******The bake sale will be extended tomorrow. Items ranging from .25 to $1.00

We began the day having French with Mlle. Jessica.

During math, we learned how to model numbers using a ten frames. As a class, we did various examples and then we worked on a ten frames activity to better understand how to represent numbers using this form.

We were then off to physical education with Mr. H.

We then continued working on our math activity.

Following first recess and lunch, we continued learning about proper sentence writing. We learned about asking and telling sentences and did some examples as a class. We discussed the use of proper punctuation at the end of our sentences and how to add “and” to our sentences in order to add detail and to bring two ideas together.

We then explored the various animal adaptations we have learned about. Next, we chose one adaptation that we would like to have (kind of like a super hero ability) and we explained in our journals why we would like to have this adaptation. Some examples: fins to swim faster, wings to fly, and camouflage to blend into our surroundings.  

After second recess and lunch, we read chapter 3 of Charlotte’s Web. In this chapter, we learned how Wilbur is so tired, bored, and lonely at the Zuckerman’s farm. Normally Fern comes to visit him but on one day she did not and Wilbur was especially lonely. His friend, the goose, told him he should escape and he did! However, he was caught very quickly and brought back to his pigpen. We then pretended that we were Fern and we wrote to Wilbur, explaining why she did not come to visit him that day.

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Sign Math test
3.     Terry Fox Run tomorrow-wear gym clothes
4.     Lunch form due Friday

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