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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Terrific Tuesday!

 Daksh is our Star of the week! He worked super hard last week and was given the star cushion!! Each week, a star of the week will be chosen for those friends who work hard and try their best.

 Kareena continues to show her caring and friendly attitude, so she received buddy for the week. Each week, buddy will be given to a student who is helpful, kind, and caring with everyone around them.  

We began the day having French with Mlle. Jessica.

We then moved onto math. We were introduced to sorting circles. Ms. Jaskolka put an item on the outside of the sorting circles and we needed to figure out what would go in the middle of the sorting circles. We began to realize that the items on the outside were different and the item that needs to go into the middle shares an attribute with each side. The attribute is what we are sorting them item by: colour, size, shape direction. Here are some examples:
 We sorted the left side by size and the right side by colour. The attributes are colour and shape.
We sorted the left side by shape and the ride side by colour. 

We then had gym with Mr. H.

Following first recess and lunch, we reviewed what we learned yesterday about lifecycles and the snake life-cycle (reptile life cycle) specifically. We were then challenged with the chicken life cycle (bird life cycle) and the frog life cycle (amphibian life cycle). We needed to figure out the journey that each animal would take using pictures. After, Ms. Jaskolka put the labels on the board for each stage, and we needed to figure out with label matched the picture.

We then had Music.

When students returned, students wrote a pre-assessment for writing. Students then wrote their homework in their agendas.

After second recess and lunch, we discussed nouns (person, place, or thing). Students worked in groups to gain a better understanding about nouns. Students were given nouns and they sorted them into categories (person, place, or thing). After, students worked on an individual activity to show their understanding of nouns.

 At then end of the day, we had our final “All about Me” presentation. It was so much fun getting to know all of you!

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     BBQ forms due Wednesday
3.     Sign student handbook pg. 30
4.     Trip form due Tuesday 
5.     Contact Sheet

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