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Friday, 13 April 2018

Friday April 12, 2018

Fantastic Friday!!!

We began the writing our review spelling test.

Next we learned about the kilometre during math class. We learned how to use kilometres to measure long distances. We discussed where we have heard the term kilometres [roads, signs]. We learned that 1km is equal to 1000 metres!!! We learned that it takes about 15 minutes to walk 1km, it takes about 10 minutes to rollerblade 1 km and it takes about 5 minutes to ride a bike 1km. We used this knowledge to help us answer questions related to measuring using centemtres, metres and kilometres.

After we had gym with Ms. Jaskolka! We played high five tag!!!!

Following first recess and lunch we were off to Music with Mr. Oliver.

When we returned, Nathan presented his presentation about the Eiffel Tower.

Next we had a classroom discussion about the learner profile for the month of April: Balanced. We made a chart as a class about what it means to be balanced. Then we worked on an activity where we wrote and drew a picture of how we can be balanced in our everyday life. 

After second recess and lunch we had sharing time. 

Actions stars!!!!

Lennard made a bridge for his toy cars!!!!

Vaibhav and Raiyan explained a game that they play where they build structures out of strong materials so that they can withstand heavy winds!!!

At the end of the day we had free time.

Have a wonderful weekend!  

 and then some free time.


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Spelling test signed

3.     Math test signed

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