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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Wednesday April 4, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday!!!

We began the day practicing for our student le conferences tomorrow.

Next we were off to French and then Gym.

After first recess and lunch we dove into math. Today we talked about making patterns based on their attributes. Attributes are a way that we can use to describe. Here are the attributes we are focusing on:

Next, we looked at patterns that have two changing attributes:

Then we worked in partners to make patterns with two changing attributes. We each made two patterns and our partner needed to figure out the two changing attributes and the pattern core.

Lastly, we worked on our homework related to patterning using two attributes.

Following math, we continued practicing for our student led conferences.

After second recess and lunch we reviewed the main points from the video we watched last class about structures. We discussed how steel beams are used to help support buildings, and that those beams have to be strong. We also discussed that when architects design buildings, they need consider the purpose of the building, among many other factors. Then we looked at some structural materials and the purpose of different structures (many of them were designed to hold a load).
o   Wood, metal, brick etc.
Next, we looked at various structures and discussed their purpose. Example: The purpose of a house is so that we have a place to live that keeps us warm and dry; the purpose of a bridge is to travel over a gap in land. We then completed a structures activity in groups.

At the end of the day, we continued to practice for our student led conferences.


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Spelling pg. 93-96
3.     Math sheet
4.     Last page of the report card
5.     Math test Tuesday
6.     Please fill out photo permission form
7.     Structures project due Tuesday

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