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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Tremendous Tuesday!

We began the day sharing our fun and exciting weekends!!!

Next we worked on our spelling words for the week and a cursive activity related to homonyms.

Next we had gym class.

We then continued learning about fasteners. A fastener is something that is used to join two materials together. We discussed different kinds of fasteners and where we use them (Velcro, tape, glue). We use Velcro on our shoes, calendar, and pencil cases. Tape is used to post things on the wall or put together ripped paper. Glue is used during arts and crafts. We can use glue to paste on googly eyes, sparkles, or construction paper. We then related these ideas back to structures. Students pointed out the importance of using nails and screws when building structures; if structures did not have fasteners they would fall apart! We then completed a fastener activity.

Next we were off to the Spring Fundraiser assembly!!! 

After we worked on a journal entry related to our structures out; we ensured to use proper writing conventions in our journals. We described what makes a structure stable and strong by thinking about what we have learned so far. We wrote about designing a structure that would be able to withstand the force of a tornado and what would it look like, what materials would we would use, how high it would be.

At recess many of us performed action by building structures out of snow!!

After second recess and lunch, we inquired into man made and natural made structures.
We determined that people make anything that is man made. Some man made objects can be made in factories by machines. We then discussed the various man made structures that we know: homes, stores, school, CN Tower, The Taj Mahal, etc. These items would not exist if people did not make them. We came to the conclusion that natural made objects would therefore exist even if people did not exist such as trees, grass, water etc.
We continued exploring natural made structures using a PowerPoint:

man made versus natural made

We came to learn that structures could also be found in nature.
Natural made: Items that would still exist if people didn’t exist.
Man made: things that would not exist if humans never did.
Students then completed various activities related to natural a man made structures: students completed a colouring activity identifying man made and natural made structures, we classified natural made and mad made and finally we cut out pictures and glued them in the proper side of the T-chart: man made and natural made.


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.    Spelling pg. 101-104
3.    Cursive pg. 68-69

4.    Pancake Day tomorrow

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