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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Thursday September 21, 2017

Terrific Thursday!!!

We began the day having fun with words!!! We reminded ourselves that every sentence needs a noun and a verb and that we use adjectives to add detail to our sentences. We were then given a word challenge in groups!!!! We were given broken up sentences that we needed to put together using our knowledge of nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Next we had French and then Gym.

After first recess and lunch we had Music.

We then explored rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred in math. This can be a difficult concept so we will continue working with rounding numbers tomorrow. We first played a game where Ms. Jaskolka called out numbers and we needed to reach up to the sky if the number was 5 or more and reach to the ground when the number was 4 or less. We used this visual to help us:

If the number has not made it over the hill then we would let it rest but if the number has made it over the hill then we add one more.

Rounding to the nearest ten:Image result

Rounding to the nearest hundred:

Image result

We then showed our understanding using the math text.

After second recess and lunch we talked about why laws and rules are so important in a community. We read a book, What if everyone did that? to gain better understanding of what would happen if we did not have rules and laws; we would be living in a world of chaos!!! Ms. Jaskolka asked us to think about a law that we should have in our own class. Tomorrow each student will write down his or her law and then as a class we will vote for the law we think is best and implement it within our classroom routine.

Have a great night!

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Math sheet Question 1 and 2
3.     Spelling test tomorrow
4.     International Day research is due on Monday about Tanzania. Each child was given a topic to research about. They are also being asked to also bring in 3-4 pictures related to their topic (colour if possible) along with their research.
5.     Food Bank items for our trip on October 3
6.     Two dollars in support of Terry Fox
7.     BBQ form is due September 27
8.     St. Jude’s and Oakwood Welcome BBQ will take place on Monday October 2.
9.     Bake Sale on Tuesday September 27 – The Grade 2’s will be running the bake sale. If possible, parents are being asked to bring in peanut-free items on this day. Also students can bring in money on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Bake Sale
10. Next Tuesday we will have the Terry Fox run at school. Students are being asked to come dressed in their gym clothes.
11. Next Wednesday is Casual Day. If the casual day fee has been paid, students are able to come dressed in their casual clothing.
12. Next Friday, students are being asked to come dressed in an orange shirt in support of First Nations people and their culture.

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