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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Wednesday September 13, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday!

October lunch:

Ordering Website is now Active for the month of October. You may start ordering your child's lunches! Please make your child is under the correct grade, as there were many mistakes made for last month's ordering. http://mydigitalmailroom.com/sja The last day to order for October will be Wednesday, September 26th. After this date, our system closes and is unable to open for October ordering. All payments are due on Friday, October 6th. 

Cheque payments will not be accepted. If you choose the cheque option on the ordering site, it will be assumed that the payment is made through FreshBooks and you will be invoiced. 

Another item has been added to our Hot Lunch Program as a Special. This month's special is Shepherd's Pie that will be available every Friday!

We began the day having fun with nouns!!! We first reviewed what are nouns (person, place, or thing) and some examples. We then worked in groups to sort nouns under the specific heading person, place, or thing. After, we worked on a colouring activity related to nouns.

We were then off to French and then Gym.

Following first recess and lunch students had Music.

After we dove into math. As as a whole class, we reviewed how to model two digit numbers and their base ten name. We used this understanding to move onto three digit numbers. We worked in partners and gave each other three digit numbers and using base ten blocks or white board markers we modeled each number on a place value mat and stated their base ten name (example: 450 – base ten name: 4 hundreds, 5 tens, and 0 ones).  We then worked on some place value questions in our math textbook.

After second recess and lunch we continued our discussion about how we can be good citizens. We then used our brainstorm from yesterday to think about 4 or 5 ways that we wanted to focus on so that we can be good citizens. We really needed to think hard because we were making a commitment to do these activities as much as we can. Here are some posters that we created!!! The rest will be posted tomorrow when they are finished.

Today flew by!! Have a great night!

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Math pg. 29-30

Questions: 1 all, 2. a, c, e, f 3. a, b, c, f, 4 all, 5. a,b,c,d 7 all

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