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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tremendous Thursday!!!

Actions Stars:

Manny made posters about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. He then put these posters around his community!!! Some of his neighbours have put comments on his poster, thanking him for reminding them about the importance of helping our planet!!! What an Action Star!!!
Avaneesh reused a tape role to store some of his toys!!!

Muhammad will be planting his sunflower seeds to help the bees!!!

Ms. Jaskolka is so proud and impressed with how much students are helping our planet!! Grade job Grade 2’s!!!

We began the day writing our homework in our agendas and then sharing our action.

After, we continued learning about multiplication. We used various strategies to better understand how to multiply:

We worked through various questions together and then showed our understanding in our math books.

After first recess and lunch, we learned how to write a note. We learned the various reasons that we would write a note (examples: to say thank you, best wishes, reminders). We noticed that a note is a shortened version of a letter. Within our note, we need to make sure to include who we are writing the note to and ensuring to sign the note at the bottom. We then chose a topic and wrote our own note.

We then had French with Mdm. Stella.

After second recess and lunch, we began learning about how to write a story. We realized that before we write a story, we need to make a plan. Within our plan we need to make sure to include: the characters, where the story will take place, when the story will take place, what problem needs to be solved, and what is the solution to the problem. We worked through the plan together, putting together a very magical and fun fairy tale!
1. Read for 20 minutes
2. summative due may 24
3. Spelling test tomorrow

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