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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thursday, May 4, 2016

Tremendous Thursday!

Action Star!!!
Aanika went out into her community and picked up garbage from the ground!!!! Great Action Aanika!

We began the day writing our homework in our agendas and then completing any unfinished work.

We then had physical education with Mr. Slyk.

After, we used a scale to explore mass. First we reminded ourselves that when we measure mass, we are measuring how heavy or light an object is. We then inquired about various objects of different amounts. Ms. Jaskolka had cups filled with various items of different weights. We used the scale to see how heavy or light these items were. We realized that when we weigh many of the same items  against items that may have less (7 Qtips and 4 rocks), we need to consider the material it is made of and how heavy this material is; rocks are heavier than Qtips.

We then looked at a stapler and white board eraser and determined that the stapler is heavier, but we figured out that we could actually determine which one is heavier using the scale. After, we looked at four objects: white board eraser, tape, glue bottle, and stapler. We made predictions about which one we thought is the heaviest and the lightest. We then did the experiment together and found out that the white board eraser was the lightest and the stapler was the heaviest.  We then decided if we thought a metal wooden block with the letter S on it would be the lightest, somewhere in between, or the heaviest of all four objects. We found out that it fell in between the white board eraser and tape.

After first recess and lunch, we had music and then French.

After second recess and lunch, we learned how to write a proper list. We first looked an example together and then we chose a topic. We needed to ensure to use capitals at the beginning and periods at the end of each sentence. We also needed to ensure that everything is listed in order.

1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Food and sock drive
3.     Math test signed
4.     Math test next Wednesday
5.     Spelling test tomorrow

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