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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

 Tremendous Tuesday!

We began the day writing our 2-D Geometry Math test.

We then had physical education with Mr. Slyk.

We then performed action for our current UOI unit as a class!! We had 2 students from grade 6 come in and inform us about their Exhibition project that has to do with saving bees. Part of their action is involving the students at SJA in a project that will help the bees find the food and pollen they need. We have already learned about the importance of bees and why they are declining in numbers so we were very excited to take part in this exciting project!!! We went outside with our grade 6 friends and first they let us know how to properly plant the seeds (we got 6!) and then we planted each seed in our garden.

Afterwards, we all had a discussion about bees and why they are important. Here is a glimpse:


Great action grade 2's! Ms. Jaskolka is so proud of all of you!!!

After first recess and lunch, we had Music and then French.

After second recess and lunch we dove into our next math unit: Mass and Capacity.
We then began our new math unit: Mass and Capacity. We discussed what we remember about measurement and the attributes that can be measured (length, width, temperature, how much something holds, how heavy something is). We will be comparing and ordering masses and how much containers will hold during this unit. We learned that the Mass of an object is how heavy or light something is and capacity is the amount a container will hold. We then looked at the Big Math book page 56. We answered what is going on in the picture and what things we can measure? (milk, flour etc). We discussed how people are measuring? (scales, containers), How can we find out which container holds more? (filling containers to see how much each holds, compare the size of the containers), How are people comparing items? (mass, how much fits in a container, by price)
Students then wrote and drew items/object that they can measure using mass of at home and school. We repeated this for capacity.
Students were then shown four containers of various sizes and students predicted which they think will hold the most amount of water: teacup, mug, small bowl, big bowl.

We found out that the teacup held the least amount of water so it had the smallest capacity; we now know that the big bowl has the most capacity because it held the most amount of water. We then wrote out our findings in our math books.

1. Read for 20 minutes
2. Bring in picture of yourself (no more than 8cm by 8cm)
3. Sock Drive tomorrow

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