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Monday, 15 May 2017

Monday May 15, 2017

Magnificent Monday!

We began the day with our JK-Grade 2 Spelling Bee!

Congratulations to all of our friends!!!

Daksh and Ruhaan will be heading to the Maples on June 1st to compete against the top students from the Maples and Sunnybrook!

We then began our new math unit: Mass and Capacity. We discussed what we remember about measurement and the attributes that can be measured (length, width, temperature, how much something holds, how heavy something is). During this unit, we will be comparing and ordering mass and how much containers can hold. We learned that the Mass of an object is how heavy or light something is and capacity is the amount a container can hold. We then looked at the Big Math book and observed what is going on in the picture and what things we could measure using mass or capacity (milk, flour etc). We discussed how people are measuring (scales, containers), how can we find out which container holds more (filling containers to see how much each holds, compare the size of the containers), how people are comparing items (mass, how much fits in a container, by price). Students then worked together to draw or write items/objects that can be measured using mass and capacity at home and at school.

We then went over to the library and exchanged our books. Many of us looked for books related to our current unit of inquiry about endangered animals, great action my friends!!!

Next, Arnav and Thea shared their wonderful experience with Cuddly at home.

At the end of the day, we worked on our spelling words and continued working on an endangered versus extinct activity.

We then began reading chapter 15 of The Borrowers.

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