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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Wednesday May 3, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday!

We began the day having French with Mlle. Jessica.

We then moved onto Math. As a class, we looked at various shapes and tried to figure out if each shape had equal parts and where the line of symmetry would go.
The Line of Symmetry is the imaginary line where you could fold the image and have both halves match exactly.

Students then did so on their own with various shapes, pictures and figures. Students also drew the reflection of four figures. We also learned how to use a Mira to find the line(s) of symmetry. We noticed when we use the Mira we could see the reflection of one side in the Mira line up with the other side (if the figure had equal parts).

We were then off to gym.

When we returned, we continued looking for figures, shapes and letters that have line(s) of symmetry.

Following first recess and lunch some of our friends went to KidsSports as a reward for the Spring Fundraiser! Ms. Jaskolka heard they had so much fun!!!

Those who stayed behind with Ms. Jaskolka worked on a very special secret project.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!

1.    Read for 20 minutes
2.     Please being in a picture frame that is about 8-9 by 11 inches (about the size of a piece of paper) for a special art project
3.     Students are also asked to bring in a picture of themselves that is about 8cm by 8cm
4.     Practice for the Spelling bee – words were provided

5.    Sign rubric

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