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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Thursday May 18, 2017

Tremendous Thursday!

We began the day awarding our spelling bee winners!! Great job to all of our friends for doing such a wonderful job spelling!!

We then had French with Mlle. Jessica.

After we wrote our Spelling test.

Next we were off to gym.

When we returned, we used a scale to explore mass. First we reminded ourselves that when we measure mass, we are measuring how heavy or light an object is. We then looked at a stapler and white board eraser and determined that the stapler is heavier, but we figured out that we could actually determine which one is heavier using a scale!! After, we looked at four objects: a white board eraser, a roll of tape, a white marker, and a stapler. We made predictions about which one we thought is the heaviest and the lightest. We then did our mass experiment together and found out that the white board marker was the lightest and the stapler was the heaviest.  We then decided if we thought Cuddly would be the lightest, somewhere in between, or the heaviest of all four objects. We found out that Cuddly fell in between the tape and the stapler. Cuddly had so much fun participating in our math class today!!!

After first recess and lunch we had music.

Next we continued using the tablets to explore the many endangered animals around the world in groups. We then presented one animal, their habitat, food, an interesting fact and why they are endangered to the class. We learned that we are losing a lot of our animal friends because of people moving into their homes. This made us very sad but also hopeful that we can make a difference and educate others about the importance of keeping our animal friends safe; our summative project will be one way of spreading awareness for our endangered animal friends. Some friends are trying to raise money to adopt an animal from WWF. Other friends have discussed that they could make posters and post them around the school. Great ideas friends!

 After Adam shared his fun adventures with Cuddly!

At the end of the day we continued our journey as nature detectives and we identified the tree our journey stick came from and explained why we thought so.

Many friends also shared action with the class. WOW! Great job friends!! 

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone! See you all on Tuesday! 


1.    Read for 20 minutes
2.     Summative project due June 6
3.     No school Friday and Monday

4.     Spelling test signed

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