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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tuesday May 23, 2017

Magnificent Monday!

We began the day having French with Mlle. Jessica.

After we continued learning about mass. We used non-standard units (cm cubes) of measurement to compare the mass of four items: glue stick, white board marker, scissors and cuddly. We first made predictions and ordered the objects from what we thought was the lightest object to the heaviest. After we did our mass experiment as a class. We found out that Cuddly was the heaviest and the glue stick was the lightest.

We then had gym.

When we returned, we wrote in our agendas and then began working on our spelling words for the week.

Following first recess and lunch we went on another exciting nature walk!!! Our goal was to create a journey story using found objects that we could wrap around our journey stick.

In many countries, people have developed the idea of creating a journey stick to help them tell the story of their journey to others. It involves tying objects and colours to a stick that represent different experiences, feelings or parts of their journey.

Continuing our love and appreciation for nature, we knew not to rip anything from the ground but only to use found items. Students really enjoyed exploring the wonderful nature around us!!!

When we returned, we made our journey sticks that would tell a story about our nature walk. Check them out!!!!

Following second recess and lunch we continued working on our spelling and then began reading chapter 17 of The Borrowers.

At the end of the day many of us had incredible action to share with the class!!

Hayden had three action pieces to share with the class!!!!! He brought his brother Grayson with him and they both shared how they adopted two animals from WWF!!! Hayden adopted a snow leopard and Grayson adopted an orangutan. The brothers explained to us important information pertaining to each endangered animal. Hayden also shared how we went to go see a movie called ‘Born in China’ where he learned more about the snow leopard and other animals!! He also downloaded an app that is helping him learn more about endangered animals!! WOW!

Kareena has also downloaded the WWF app to learn more about endangered animals! Kareena also shared her experiences with two endangered animals: an elephant and a dolphin.

Daksh shared information about the snow leopard and its’ prey.

Thea shared interesting facts about the howler monkey and how this animal greets the day with his booming howl!!

Jordan shared more information about what endangered means and about our Cuddly friend, the Giant Panda.

Amber shared how the snow leopard can leap as far as 45 feet—the length of a humpback whale!!! Also rabbits have almost twice as many taste buds on their tongue as humans!!

Pranati has taken it upon herself to raise money for a Kermode Bear!

Jacob shared the scientific name of a monkey that he knows.

Vidhi also shared some animals facts with the class.
WOW Grade 2’s!!! Keep up the incredible action!!!

Tonight Vidhi will be taking home Cuddly. Have fun!!!


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     Spelling pg. 125-128
3.     Practice for Art’s Night
4.     Summative project due June 6

5.     Scholastic due Friday

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