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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Tuesday May 16, 2017

Tremendous Tuesday!!

We began the day having our Grade 3-8 spelling bee. Hayden did an incredible job being part of the Grade 3 spelling bee!!

After the spelling bee we continued our exploration into capacity. As a class we looked at four containers and we predicted which one would have the most capacity and which one would have the least. We used a scoop and water to see which one had the most capacity and which one had the least. We found out that the biggest container had the most capacity and was able to hold the most amount of water and the smallest container had the least amount of capacity and held the least amount of water.

Following first recess and lunch we had music with Mr. Oliver.

When we returned, Amber performed action for our current unit of inquiry! She decided to do some research about endangered animals all over the world and she taught this information to her peers!

After, we worked in groups to perform more research about endangered animals all around the world. We used the WWF app and explored specific animals that are endangered, their habitat, foods they eat, interesting facts and reasons they are endangered. We even found cuddly during our research!!

At the end of the day, friends won medals for track and field. Congratulations to all of the winners!!!


1.     Read for 20 minutes
2.     We will be having our nature walk tomorrow (after first recess)

3.     Trip forms due tomorrow

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