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Monday, 29 October 2018

Monday October 29, 2018

Magnificent Monday!

We began the day writing our math test.

Next, we worked in our Zentangle art and reflected on the elements and principals of art we used.

We also worked on our electric cars.

After first recess and lunch we dove into UOI. Today we learned about the Particle Theory of Matter and how hot air balloons float. 

5 Key Components of Particle Theory:
1. All matter is made up of tiny particles.
2. All particles of one substance are the same.
3. Different substances are made of different particles.
4. Particles are always moving. (The more energy, the
faster they move)
5. There are attractive forces between particles. (Forces
are stronger when particles are closer together)
We used our researching skills to answer questions about the Particle Theory of Matter and showed our understanding of the three states of matter: liquid, solid, and gas. This is not to be confused with a fluid. Fluids can flow and therefore a gas and a liquid can both be a fluid (we learned that air can flow with an experiment we did last week where we were able to pour their air from one cup into another while submerged underwater).  

We also did an experiment to better understand how hot air rises, cool air sinks, buoyancy, and how hot air balloons float in the air. We found that our hot air balloon did no work because we either needed colder air to be able to hold the bag in the air or hotter air so that the bag could rise and float in the air. 

We again used our researching skills to determine how a hot air balloon can stay floating in the air and how they come back down. 

Then we read another fable or legend and determined if the story we were reading was a fable or a legend and the criteria that they included that made the story a fable or a legend.

After second recess and lunch we had physical education.   

1.    Read Daily
2.    Air test tomorrow
3.    Write a fable or a legend due Monday
4.    Curling form due Friday (permission form and waiver form)
5.    Casual Day tomorrow
6.    Bake Sale tomorrow 
7.    UOI finish sheets on Particle theory and hot air balloon 

8.    Mind Map due tomorrow 

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