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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Thursday October 11, 2018

Tremendous Thursday!!

Winter uniforms have begun. A kind reminder to ensure students are wearing all pieces each and every day. Please see Ms. Alpa for any uniform requests or inquirers. She can be reached via email - alpa@multiformcanada.com or via website - multiformcanada.com **The uniform store will be closed from Tuesday, October 2nd to Wednesday, October 17th.

Soccer Practice Times
Elementary Girls and Boys – Tuesday and Thursday 4-5PM
U12 Coed and U12 Development Program – Monday and Wednesday 4-5PM

**Please note that students doing any after school activity, soccer, karate, yoga, etc. will be charged until 4:00 PM in aftercare, when they will be dismissed to their program with their coach!**

Don't forget about Polar Expressions Publishing! The poetry deadline is November 16th, 2018 and the short story deadline is November 23rd, 2018.

Scholastic Book orders have been sent home. All orders are due no later than Thursday, October 18, 2018. Payments can be made using Cheque or Parent Pay. Cash will not be accepted as a form of payment. For Parent Pay please log on to parentpay.scholastic.ca/pay and enter the following credentials

Province - Ontario
City - Mississauga
School - St Jude’s Academy
Teacher - Dawn Goulart

Important dates/items:

Friday, October 12 – Summative presentations 
Wednesday, October 17 – Caribou Math contest (for those participating) Arrive 7:15 for a 7:30 am start. Bring your own device. 
Thursday, October 25 – Picture Day
Tuesday, October 30 – Bake sale & casual day
Wednesday, October 31 – Bake sale & Halloween/Harvest Spirit Day

We began the day practicing our mental math multiplication skills. Then we reviewed divisibility rules from yesterday. After, we looked at newspaper articles and found that numbers are everywhere!!! We looked for exact numbers and estimates. We then had a conversation about when we would use exact numbers and when we would use estimates. We also practiced how to do long division and using the standard algorithm for multiplication. 

Next, we continued practicing for our summative presentation. Our success criteria for today:

I have achieved today’s success criteria that lead toward the learning goal because I …
ohave my cue cards ready
ohave rehearsed my oral presentation accompanied by a slideshow (Power Point, Prezi, etc.) aimed at the provincial government as the audience
oam comfortable using and explaining appropriate science and technology vocabulary relating to energy sources, transformations, and electricity
ohave equal speaking parts for my partner and I
oand my partner adhere to the 3 min. time limit
oI am ready to present tomorrow

Then we had French.

Next we worked on our electric cars for Science Fair. 

After first recess and lunch we worked in our literature circles for Chapter 14.

Next, we continued practicing for our summative presentations for tomorrow. Students had lots of time to practice for their presentation in class and should be ready for their presentation addressing the Mississauga and/or federal government about generating stations and/or the use and export of uranium around the world. 

After second recess and lunch we had physical education with Mr. Orr.

1.   Read Daily
2.   Practice for presentation tomorrow
3.   Novel Study chapter 15
4.   Limerick (due today)

5.   Math sheet

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