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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Tuesday October 20, 2018

Tremendous Tuesday!!

We began the day writing a pre-assessment for our upcoming unit on Rates and Ratios in math. 

Next, we continued to work on our pinwheels. We finished making the last square for our pinwheel and reflected on the elements and principles of art that we used. 

Then we worked on our electric cars. As students are finishing up the building process, they are testing their car to see if it can go in a straight line and travel 1m. Students are using trouble shooting strategies if their car is not moving properly. 

Next, we had French.

After first recess and lunch we continued work on art/electric cars.

Then we had Music.

When we returned we continued working on our electric cars. Science fair is coming up November 16 and we need to ensure that we have finished building our cars, that our car can move in a straight line, travel 1m, and that we are reflecting on the engineering and design process.

After second recess and lunch we wrote our test about the properties of air.

1.    Read Daily
2.    Write a fable or a legend due Monday
3.    Curling form due Friday (Permission form and Waiver form) 
4.    Halloween/Harvest dress up
5.    Bake sale tomorrow

6.    Math test signed 

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